What Causes Foundation Failure?

As our ancestors converted from nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes to settled agricultural societies, the need for permanent structures arose. As a result, it was discovered that having a strong and stable foundation was a must if you expect your dwelling to last. These homes were typically very heavy as their building materials were usually stone and large timber and attention to the foundation was of major importance. The foundations were often so strong that in many archaeological digs, this is all that remains. In modern times, technological advancements have brought us lighter building materials and the necessity for such foundation construction… Read More

These are the warning signs of foundation problems

7 Telltale Signs That Your Home’s Foundation Is Failing Foundation problems can lead to many other problems with your home. It can cause pipes to break, the roof to leak, doors to stick as well as many other issues that can cost a pretty penny to repair. There is hope, however. You can identify the warning signs that your foundation needs attention before its too late. We’ve put together a list that you can use to see if you may be experiencing foundation failure. All structures can settle over time as their weight pushes against the earth. This settling is… Read More