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Skillful Construction Foundation Repair offers services that live up to our reputation in the San Antonio market. We arrive at each job fully prepared and leave many customers comforted with their new trust worthy and safe foundations. Our highly skilled contractors have been working for years in the foundation repair industry. They have successfully fixed many foundations for homes all over the San Antonio area. We also specialized in town homes, apartments, schools, hospitals, and libraries as well as many other public and private buildings.

Are you having a problem with your foundation? San Antonio’s top foundation contractors will be available to help you!

We care about helping you with your property’s foundation.

It's more than giving you a bid... it's a learning experience that is comprehensive!

It is more detailed than a simple inspection. We will walk through the house with you, taking elevations. Then we will explain possible causes of failure and preventive measures that will reduce or prevent further damage. We will be able to identify the variations throughout your home with our digital level. We want to educate you so that you understand why and how your foundation has issues.

– Terry, Owner & Mike, Office Manager

Expert Foundation Repair

Expert Foundation Repair

We have highly qualified and skilled foremen and installers. We can inspect, fix and suggest affordable foundation repair options in the San Antonio TX area. In addition, we will also provide you with expert advice and the best course of action for future maintenance of your house’s foundation.

How good is your foundation

How good is your foundation? We’ll give you an Estimate

Costs for Foundation repair vary depending on the amount of damage and the hardness or softness of the ground. Our foundation repair specialists the San Antonio TX area can help you assess the foundation health of your property before you pay for foundation repairs. We provide estimates for your foundation repair!


Foundation Repair Methods

Our methods and products are patent-pending and we guarantee they will last for our clients in the San Antonio TX area and the surrounding areas. Our San Antonio foundation repair doesn’t stop there. We have decades of understanding of the underlying causes that can create issues in your home. These are fixed and there are no more worries.





*This fee covers fuel costs, advertising, increased insurance prices, and COVID-19 related issues. The fee is fully refunded two times upon hire, so you get a $200 discount on your bills.

Foundation Repair - serving San Antonio Texas and the surrounding areas.

San Antonio TX's #1 Home Foundation Repair

Have you discovered a crack or leak in your homes foundation? Most people consider their home to be the largest investment in their lives. We all know what it feels like to have a situation like this happen. And we also know the fearful question “What will this cost?” Although small cracks and leaks are usually not a major problem, they can lead to costly repairs and damage that you will not be able to fix in your foundation.
There are two different types of foundations that exist on a property. There is a concrete slab foundation type or a pier / beam foundation type. Concrete slabs are exactly just that, concrete slabs. Pier / beam foundations have beams beneath the floor that are held up by steel piers and built on either wood or concrete. It depends on the type of foundation and extent of the problem, repairs of the foundation might be easy or complex. A professional will let you know how to fix the issue.

Skilled Construction Foundation Repair provides more than a superficial solution. We not only fix the cracks and leaks, but also identify the root causes of foundation damage. These preemptive steps are taken and we provide the necessary information to homeowners to help with the maintenance of their foundation. Repairing your foundation is the simple part. Trying to understand the issue and making sure it does not cost an arm and a leg is a more difficult part. If you think that your houses foundation needs repair, consider speaking to our experienced foundation professionals so we can get your foundation repaired. Many of our customers the San Antonio TX area were frustrated, but getting an inspection today will save a lot of grief. Call us so we can help!

Home Foundation Repair

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It is important to choose a foundation repair company the San Antonio TX area that you rely on and trust. It’s important to trust contractors who are licensed and insured when doing foundation repairs.

Skillful Construction Foundation Repair stands behind all of our work with an industry-leading warranty. We guarantee if any foundation issues occur after our work is done, we will repair them with our no-worry process. We serve San Antonio’s entire area, including the following foundation repair locales: New Braunfels and Seguin, Cibolo. Boerne, Converse. Leon Valley, Live Oak. Schertz. Start your foundation repair today!

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