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Why a San Antonio Foundation Inspection is Important

Whether you have owned your home or business property for years, are a new owner, or looking to purchase property in San Antonio, a foundation inspection is never a bad idea. Over time, foundations are prone to shift causing several noticeable issues. These may include a sagging roof, uneven interior flooring, gaps in doors and windows, and cracks in concrete. Some of these may be benign, but others can worsen and become a serious problem down the road. A professional San Antonio foundation inspection company can pinpoint these potential problems before they end up a major headache. If you are searching for a new home or business in San Antonio, foundation inspections are worth considering to ensure that the property is a worthwhile investment.

Why Choose Skillful Construction Foundation Repair

At Skillful Construction, we are dedicated to finding the actual cause of any foundation issues that may exist. It is extremely important to get this step correct, otherwise any repair or foundation leveling service will not be effective long term. Our foundation inspections are extremely thorough and performed only by qualified technicians who really know their stuff. Unlike other foundation repair companies in San Antonio, we make sure that any repairs are done promptly, professionally, and work with you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a foundation inspection in San Antonio, give us a call!

More than just a job estimate... A comprehensive learning experience!

Our inspection is more than just an estimate, it is a learning experience. We walk with you throughout the house taking elevations and explaining possible causes for failure as well as preventative measures that you can take to slow or stop further damage. The variations in elevation will show the slopes and humps in your foundation and help us come up with a course of action. Our goal is to keep you informed and with a better understanding of how and why your foundation failed.

– Terry, Owner & Mike, Office Manager

Experienced Foundation Repair Contractors

Our knowledgeable and experienced formen and installation experts are trained to high quality standards. We diagnose, repair, and recommend affordable San Antonio foundation repair solutions, all while providing you with guaranteed guidelines ad best practices for future foundation maintenance.

Foundation Health Evaluations and Estimates

Foundation repair costs depend largely on the extent of the damage, condition of the soil, and other environmental factors. Don’t pay for a foundation repair until you have learned about your property’s foundation health from our San Antonio foundation repair experts. We offer foundation repair estimates!

Quality Foundation Repair Products and Services

Our San Antonio foundation repair products are patented and guaranteed to last. We don’t settle for just providing foundation repair in San Antonio, our construction expertise have left us with a unique understanding of underlying causal factors that affect your home. We fix those, and you’re good to go!



*The fee helps cover costs for fuel, advertising, the increased pricing of insurance, and issues related to COVID-19. This fee is completely refunded twice over upon hiring, meaning that we give you a $200 discount on your bill.

Our San Antonio Foundation Inspection Services

Standard Foundation Inspection

A standard foundation inspection involves an overview of the property. Our detail attentive technicians take note of any areas of your foundation that may have shifted and learn why. Often these shifts are caused by seasonal fluctuations and time. If there is a noticeable problem, we’ll provide a fast quote on our expert foundation repair services.

Foundation Inspection

When investing in property in San Antonio, a foundation inspection is essential. There would be nothing worse than to have your business set back by serious foundation issues that can have a detrimental impact on your ability to cater to your customers. A foundation inspection will drastically reduce the need of foundation repair.

Slab Foundation Inspection

Slab foundations are by far the most popular foundation type in San Antonio. While they are inexpensive and sturdy, plumbing leaks can often be a huge problems because the slab is often poured above these utilities. When performing a slab foundation inspection in San Antonio, we make sure to look at the entire picture when performing an assessment.

Pier and Beam Foundation Inspection

Pier and beam foundation inspections involve carefully looking under the crawl space for any signs of wear. Older pier and beam homes were often built using wood piers, which are vulnerable to moisture that gets trapped under your home. A sign of foundation damage include sagging or soft spots in flooring. Our pier and beam foundation inspections in San Antonio are extremely thorough and any repair quotes are offered free of charge.

Residential Foundation Inspection

Unfortunately, many homeowners try to save a few bucks by skimping on necessary home services. A foundation inspection is something that you absolutely do not want to skip. If there is a fundamental problem with your house’s foundation, you’ll want to know. Since these issues tend to worsen over time, it’s important to address them asap. If you’re looking to work with an honest foundation repair company that offers fast quotes, give us a call!

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