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Foundation Leveling Services

Importance of Foundation Leveling

While foundation leveling can address many of the common foundation issues, there are often still deeper problems. Our trusted team at Skillful Construction in San Antonio makes sure that all factors are taken into consideration before leveling a foundation. Don’t wait if you think your foundation may be in danger. Get in touch with our foundation repair team right away.

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Foundation Leveling & Repair Canyon Lake, TX

As a company dedicated to San Antonio foundation leveling and repairs, we set the mark on quality extremely high. If you are looking for the best foundation repair contractors, simply give us a call or fill out our easy online quote request form and learn more about our professional foundation repair services.

Foundation Leveling in San Antonio

Foundation leveling, also known as house leveling involves lifting or lowering sections of a foundation in order to restore the structure’s level. This is a crucial step in any foundation repair. It also addresses the foundation issues. Without this, foundation leveling will not be successful. Foundations that are not leveled can cause serious problems due to uneven weight distribution. Wall cracks and damage to exterior siding can lead to structural problems that severely compromise the integrity of a building. The foundation type and extent of foundation damage will determine the methods and techniques used for foundation leveling.

Slab Foundation Leveling

A slab foundation is made of a single cement pour and covers the entire area of the structure base. It is usually 6 inches thick at the center and 24 inches around the edges. The edge thickness will support exterior walls and protects the entire slab from damage. However, the center is not as important as it can support more weight. Because there is no need to have a frost-protected foundation, slab foundations are frequently used in warmer climates. They can also be quickly and cheaply made. Slab foundations are susceptible to the clay soil of San Antonio. Due to the seasonal variations, slab foundation homes can be damaged. Slab foundation repairs involve digging around the exterior of a building and placing piers or pilings.

Pier / Beam Foundation Leveling, San Antonio

Concrete or steel piers are used to make foundations for beams and piers. They are driven into the ground, to create a solid foundation, and girder beams are laid over the piers. The crawl space can also be affected by moisture issues, which can affect the wooden components of the home. Mold and mildew can cause structural damage and a foul-smelling odor. Foundation leveling is an essential part of beam and pier foundation repair. Foundation leveling can be accomplished by adding pilings underneath piers or adding piers to foundations that are sagging. These areas can be further supported by braces. It may also be necessary for soil stabilization to repair piers and beam foundations, in addition to pier foundation leveling. San Antonio is well-known for its clay soil.
Mobile Home Leveling

Other Contributing Factors

Foundation problems can be caused by many factors. Most of these issues are due to soil moisture and seasonal rainfall. Effective drainage systems are crucial in this situation. Foundation problems such as cracks and warping will result if rainwater is not directed away from the foundation. Before a foundation repair company can perform foundation or house leveling, it is crucial to ensure that drainage issues are addressed. It might be as simple as a gutter cleaning, or as complex as installing an entirely new drainage system. Foundation leveling can usually resolve any problems that have been caused by an uneven foundation. This includes sticking doors, sloping floors, and gaps in windows.

Trusted Foundation Leveling in San Antonio

Most reputable foundation leveling companies in San Antonio will offer a quick evaluation. Skillful Construction has all the skills and experience to evaluate your foundation and provide foundation leveling. Our engineers will be able to identify the specific needs of your foundation and guide the technicians accordingly. Your satisfaction is our number one priority as we are a customer-oriented company. We provide fast estimates for foundation leveling in San Antonio.

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