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Mobile Home
Leveling & Retrofitting

Mobile Home Leveling & Retrofitting Canyon Lake, TX

When applying for a loan to purchase a mobile home, you may be required to have the home anchored to the land. While the tie-down straps help, it will not be sufficient for the lending institutions requirements.

Don’t let loan requirement problems impact your goals!

Our process for Mobile Home Retrofitting involves creating pipe extensions

Our process for retrofitting involves creating pipe extensions that have angle iron welded to both ends. One end is again welded to the steel frame of the structure while the other end is well below grade. The end that extends below grade is centered in a 2’ x 2’ x2’ hole in the ground. The hole is then filled with approximately 800 lbs. of concrete.

This process is repeated at all four corners.

Ensuring that it cannot reasonably be moved by wind or water.

This addition to mobile homes including double wides can also be required by insurance companies for proper coverage. It’s always best to contact your applicable agencies for the best information regarding their policies.

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