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Professional Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Services!

Our total pier and beam foundation repair for San Antonio homes and our commercial foundation repair services alleviates issues associated with pier and beam foundation problems. Also, our experienced foundation experts not only provide a foundation repair evaluation, estimate, and plan of action, we will share our knowledge with you and recommend steps for future foundation maintenance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our trusted account representatives today.
Have confidence in your home’s pier and beam foundation while saving on foundation repairs!

Foundation Repair in San Antonio Tx: Our Services

At Skillful Construction Foundation Repair, we provide unrivaled foundation repair services that extend throughout the greater San Antonio Area. Whether you have a home, business, or some other structure that needs foundation repair, get in touch. We provide a variety of foundation repair services that are customized specifically to what you need.

Advantages of Pier and Beam Foundations

Pier and Beam foundations are great for small to medium sized homes. Essentially, the foundation sits on piers elevated between 1-2 feet above the ground, creating a crawl space. One obvious benefit of a pier and beam foundation is protection against flooding since it is elevated above ground. Another, is that the crawl space allows easy access to utilities such as plumbing much easier; this is a clear advantage over slab foundations, which may require drilling through the foundation for repairs. Although these are clear advantages, failure to address foundation issues can lead to more expensive and inconvenient problems down the road. Make sure the foundation repair company is reputable and honest, like Skillful Construction Foundation Repair San Antonio.

Disadvantages: Although crawl spaces provide flood protection and easy access to utilities, there are definite downsizes to pier and beam foundations. Since the area under the foundation is shaded all day, moisture can build up and cause the wooden girders that support the structure to rot if the area is poorly ventilated. Flooding and plumbing leaks also cause an increase in damaging moisture under the foundation. Additionally, the space creates a perfect space for bugs and other pests, including termites, which can have an extremely detrimental impact on your home. Rodents who call your crawl space home, have a tendency to breed and eat through electrical wire or pipes. You can often keep rodents out by installing lattice across a pier and beam foundation.

Need Foundation Repair?

San Antonio pier and beam foundations show the following three key warning signs that indicate repair might be necessary.
1) Cracks appearing on walls, ceilings or floors indicate an increased amount of pressure, likely caused by an uneven foundation. Foundation piers or brick siding may also crack and show signs of instability.
2) Loose floorboards that creak are common when built on a pier and beam foundation, but might also be a sign of a foundation problem. Places where floors are sagging indicate areas where pier and beam foundation repair are necessary.
3) Crawl Spaces that have excess moisture lead to mildew and mold build up on wooden beams; this can often cause a decaying smell noticeable in the house. If this occurs, there is a possibility that girder beams will need to be replaced and you will need a pier and beam foundation repair. If these or other signs are present in your home or business with a pier and beam foundation, it is important to have a professional assess the damage.

Affordable Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Found out that you have a foundation issue? Don’t let that scare you into non-action. It is far worse to put off a pier and beam foundation repair and leave issues unaddressed than to consider fixing the problem outright. We offer warrantied services and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Although a pier and beam foundation repair cost is between $1,000- $3000 on average, they can run upwards of $10,000 plus depending on the condition of the foundation. It is unlikely any foundation repair company can provide an estimate can provide an estimate without first evaluating the structure.

The nature of the repair might involve simply adding some shims to level the structure, or it might involve replacing all piers along the perimeter. In addition to the costs associated with replacing or adding piers and shims, the overall condition of the foundation’s wooden elements (i.e if they are rotted out or not), play a huge impact on repair rates. If foundation beams and girders are rotted, we would recommend replacing those elements, adding additional supports, and/or house leveling. If you are considering pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio, contact us!

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The How And Why

Expert Pier & Beam Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Do you have a pier and beam foundation in San Antonio? If so, your house was probably built before 1960. In the last 60 years, a lot could have changed with your foundation! Settling, in most cases, is something that happens naturally and does not impact the integrity of the foundation. However, if you have noticed tell tale signs of foundation issues in your home, you should consult with a foundation repair contractor.

Skillful Construction Foundation Repair is a company you can trust. Simply put, we get to the root cause of foundation issues, recommend cost-effective and reasonable solutions, and restore you home. Looking for a fast estimate, we have that too! Give us a call to learn more.

Problems with Pier and Beam Foundations

Pier and beam foundations use concrete beams or wooden posts buried deep into the earth, as opposed to slab foundations that are in direct contact with the ground. The interior of a pier and beam foundation usually sits on several concrete bricks, which creates a 1-2 foot crawl space. Since the foundation is accessible via this space, pier and beam foundations are often easier and less expensive to repair. However, they are still susceptible to moisture caused by inadequate drainage, leading to rot or mold forming on wooden elements and foundation shifting. Sagging can also occur due to the improper spacing of beams.

Too often, these problems are overlooked or ignored. It’s a good idea to consult a foundation expert every 5-10 years depending on the age of your home, even if you don’t suspect any problems. At Skillful Construction Foundation Repair, we provide this service for you and recommend any remediation that might be necessary for pier and beam foundations repairs in San Antonio.

Replacing Damaged Wooden piers with NEW Concrete Piers

Pier and beam foundation repair can be a simple process to explain, but it can be a little more difficult in practice First, the structure must be jacked up and a cement column put in place. This supports the weight of the entire foundation so that the original pier can be safely removed. Next, we dig out the area below the foundation and pour concrete through a mold. Once settled, the new pier will not only be able to fully support the weight of your home, but will be so much safer. Once the foundation has is fully repaired, foundation leveling returns the foundation to it’s original position. This often remedies any issues that were present, such as uneven floors or sagging roofs.
If you have a pier and beam foundation, we highly recommend consulting with our professional foundation repair company in San Antonio. Not only do we have highly skilled staff, but we guarantee all of services will be effective and restore your home to the way it was when it was first built. Get in touch for more information!