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Safety and Quality Control

Quality control is important to us. We only use products that we would trust in our own homes and are built to last. Skillful Construction’s foundation contractors are well-versed in both slab and pier foundation repairs. We will help you find the right products to fix your foundation problems and support your building or home safely. We work closely with the warehouse manager to make sure that all foundation repair products will arrive on time at the job site.

Custom Foundation Repair

We have the expertise to provide customized foundation repair solutions that are tailored to your needs. We will be able to provide a foundation health assessment that will give us an overview of the necessary repairs. Each foundation contractor’s experience and goals are also considered when selecting the crew to work on your job. We can guarantee that every foundation repair will be flawless thanks to this unique selection process.

Effective Communication

It is crucial to communicate between the foremen and technicians. We have created efficient communication systems that allow us to efficiently approach foundation repairs. Simple communication issues can lead to problems such as delays in materials arriving or issues during installation. We take important steps to avoid problems like these and make sure that foundation repairs go as smoothly as possible.

Experienced Foremen

Our foundation contractors in San Antonio have trained all of our foremen to oversee the installation of foundation technicians. They are able to lead and ensure foundation repairs are successful. All foundation issues are documented and communicated with management, customers, and you. They are able to troubleshoot and solve common issues that might arise during a foundation repair job.

Qualified Installation Technicians

While Install Technicians are closely supervised by foremen they are very knowledgeable about foundation repairs logistics. All of our technicians are highly skilled and respected members of the team who do the daily heavy-lifting required for foundation repair in San Antonio. The foundation contractors may have them install piers to support the pier and beam foundations or lift up slab foundations with helical pilings. They work well together and place customer safety first.

5-Star Customer Support

Skillful Construction’s office managers make sure that every day is efficient. They are able to identify when it is best to streamline processes and take a personalized approach to client service when needed. Our success in foundation repair is dependent on the relationships we build and keep. Our friendly employees make this possible. Our 5-star office team provides exceptional customer service and works with you every step.

Why Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor?

You may be wondering why hire a foundation repair contractor. Here are some reasons. First, they are professional and know how to keep a project on time and within budget. When you’re researching a contractor, look for reviews that focus on time management. If a contractor can’t manage their time effectively, you’ll likely face additional fees and a longer timeline than you anticipated. You also may end up with an unclear end date – and this is something you should avoid.

Second, a professional is trained to use the right tools and equipment. It can be dangerous to use your own tools and equipment. Additionally, concrete is heavy. A 1500-square-foot home can weigh as much as 225,000 pounds. Having the proper equipment to safely dig around your foundation is crucial. Finally, hiring a professional will ensure that you don’t end up with a mess or a substandard result. If you are unsure, check online reviews to make sure you’re getting the best service for the money.

Another important reason to hire a foundation repair contractor is that they have the proper tools for the job. Because repairing a foundation can be dangerous, you should only hire a professional who has the proper tools and training. Whether it’s a professional handyman or a licensed foundation repair contractor, it’s essential to have qualified, experienced workers on your team. You’ll want the job done right and to look beautiful as well, and a certified foundation repair contractor can ensure that the end result is both professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Advanced Foundation Repair

Our advanced foundation repair techniques and proven methods give us an edge over the competition by providing customized foundation repair solutions for your home or business. Such advanced foundation repair techniques include adding piers or pilings to secure your foundation. Advanced foundation repairs can also involve soil injection, which is a process of bonding soil with potassium ions to prevent soil expansion. We can offer expert recommendations for soil injection contractors in San Antonio. If you are looking to get started on foundation repair services, give us a call or fill out our online form!

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