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Foundation Repair Estimates

A quality foundation repair estimate is one that is based on a thorough review of the property and includes an explanation of the history and the cause of the problem. The foundation repair professional should also carefully examine the current state of the problem and take accurate measurements of the damage. Heavy-duty materials should be used liberally along the foundation, and nails should be replaced with screws or bolts. It is important to thoroughly understand the repair costs and how the repairs will affect the exterior landscaping of the property.

There are two main reasons why you might need to have your foundation repaired: shifting soil and unsteady ground. In either case, the foundation is compromising its integrity. Stratum recommends a foundation repair estimate every year, but in some areas of the metroplex, foundation problems may be a regular occurrence. The company can explain to you the specific process for residential foundation repairs. For example, if you live in a wetter area, you may require foundation repairs more frequently.

When requesting a foundation repair estimate, ask the contractor to provide references. While a foundation repair professional may try to sell you a cheap fix, the more experience they have, the more likely they will be to repair your home properly. Always bring a copy of your structural report when requesting an estimate. Ask to speak with those references, and find out if they were happy with the work and the price. Make sure you choose a company that is experienced in repairing similar issues and if you can negotiate the cost with the contractor.

More than just a job estimate... A comprehensive learning experience!

Our inspection is more than just an estimate, it is a learning experience. We walk with you throughout the house taking elevations and explaining possible causes for failure as well as preventative measures that you can take to slow or stop further damage. The variations in elevation will show the slopes and humps in your foundation and help us come up with a course of action. Our goal is to keep you informed and with a better understanding of how and why your foundation failed.

– Terry, Owner & Mike, Office Manager

Expert Foundation Repair

Experienced Foundation Repair Contractors

Our knowledgeable and experienced formen and installation experts are trained to high quality standards. We diagnose, repair, and recommend affordable San Antonio foundation repair solutions, all while providing you with guaranteed guidelines ad best practices for future foundation maintenance.
How good is your foundation

Foundation Health Evaluations and Estimates

Foundation repair costs depend largely on the extent of the damage, condition of the soil, and other environmental factors. Don’t pay for a foundation repair until you have learned about your property’s foundation health from our San Antonio foundation repair experts. We offer foundation repair estimates!

Quality Foundation Repair Products and Services

Our San Antonio foundation repair products are patented and guaranteed to last. We don’t settle for just providing foundation repair in San Antonio, our construction expertise have left us with a unique understanding of underlying causal factors that affect your home. We fix those, and you’re good to go!



*The fee helps cover costs for fuel, advertising, the increased pricing of insurance, and issues related to COVID-19. This fee is completely refunded twice over upon hiring, meaning that we give you a $200 discount on your bill.

It's time to repair the foundation?

While foundation repair costs can be subject to a foundation repair quote, there are some warning signs that could point out the seriousness of the foundation problem.

1. Cracks greater than 1/4 inch in your foundation could indicate a serious problem. Horizontal cracks are more serious than vertical ones because they indicate excessive pressure on the foundation.

2. A house may have shifted if doors do not close properly, gaps or cracks in the window frames, or between counters and cabinets. The extent of foundation problems can be determined by the width of these spaces. The foundation problem can be identified by floors that are uneven, sag, bent, or curved when walked on. Advanced foundation repair is required for foundations that are sinking or that don’t drain water away.

Affordable Foundation Repairs in San Antonio

Depending on the extent of foundation damage, costs for foundation repair can vary greatly. Major foundation repairs can run upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, but small foundation problems can be fixed more easily. These numbers should not be a reason to avoid getting a Skillful Construction foundation repair quote or hiring a professional foundation repair firm. It’s hard to price a foundation repair without a formal estimate.

Foundation Repair Estimates & Services

Skillful Construction Foundation Repair offers unparalleled foundation repair options. Not only do we strive to make our estimates comprehensive, but we also make our foundation repair services affordable, accessible, and effective. Get in touch to learn more!

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