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Foundation Repair Estimate and Health Evaluation in San Antonio!

Discovering a foundation problem is most often an unexpected (and unwanted) surprise. It can be challenging to know how to approach the problem and which foundation repair contractors are experienced and trustworthy. It’s important to work with a foundation repair company that is reputable and warranties their foundation repair products and completed work, such as ours.

Our foundation health assessment is available to all customers in greater San Antonio. The way it works is easy; just call our customer representatives and schedule a time for a foreman to come out to your property. It is preferable if someone can meet us there, as we may need to look inside the building to pinpoint spots where foundation repairs are necessary. Our foundation repair contractors will review the assessment and provide a foundation repair estimate if repairs are needed. You can schedule the repairs at your convenience. We understand that foundation repairs are a big decision and we don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics.

If you think it’s time for a foundation repair, it is best to leave it to the experts; foundation repair is not a do-it-yourself job. Fortunately, our experts at Skillful Construction Foundation Repair have the expertise to assess the level of damage and provide a foundation repair estimate in San Antonio.

More than just a job estimate... A comprehensive learning experience!

Our inspection is more than just an estimate, it is a learning experience. We walk with you throughout the house taking elevations and explaining possible causes for failure as well as preventative measures that you can take to slow or stop further damage. The variations in elevation will show the slopes and humps in your foundation and help us come up with a course of action. Our goal is to keep you informed and with a better understanding of how and why your foundation failed.

– Terry, Owner & Mike, Office Manager

Experienced Foundation Repair Contractors

Our knowledgeable and experienced formen and installation experts are trained to high quality standards. We diagnose, repair, and recommend affordable San Antonio foundation repair solutions, all while providing you with guaranteed guidelines ad best practices for future foundation maintenance.

Foundation Health Evaluations and Estimates

Foundation repair costs depend largely on the extent of the damage, condition of the soil, and other environmental factors. Don’t pay for a foundation repair until you have learned about your property’s foundation health from our San Antonio foundation repair experts. We offer foundation repair estimates!

Quality Foundation Repair Products and Services

Our San Antonio foundation repair products are patented and guaranteed to last. We don’t settle for just providing foundation repair in San Antonio, our construction expertise have left us with a unique understanding of underlying causal factors that affect your home. We fix those, and you’re good to go!



*The fee helps cover costs for fuel, advertising, the increased pricing of insurance, and issues related to COVID-19. This fee is completely refunded twice over upon hiring, meaning that we give you a $200 discount on your bill.

Time for a Foundation Repair?

Although foundation repair costs are subject to a foundation repair estimate, some of the following warning signs can point to the severity of the foundation problem.
1) Cracks that are larger than a ¼ of an inch in your home’s foundation can indicate a serious issue. Horizontal cracks are worse than vertical ones, as they suggest that the foundation is experiencing too much pressure.
2) Doors that do not close properly, gaps in window frames, or spaces between counters and cabinets indicate that the house has shifted. The width of the spaces can indicate the severity of the foundation issue.
3) Floors that are uneven, sag, or bend while walking on them are a sure sign that the foundation is not level and point out the areas where the foundation is compromised.
4) A foundation that is noticeably sinking and water that does not drain away from the foundation could require advanced foundation repair.

Competitive Foundation Repair Prices for San Antonio

Foundation repair expenses can vary widely depending on the extent of damage to the foundation. While major foundation repairs can cost upwards of $10,000 or more, small foundation issues can be more inexpensively resolved. The average cost to repair a foundation is around $5,000. Don’t let these numbers scare you into not getting a San Antonio foundation repair estimate or going with a professional foundation repair company. Without performing a formal foundation repair estimate, it’s difficult to put a price tag.

Foundation Repair Estimates & Services

Skillful Construction Foundation Repair offers unparalleled foundation repair options. Not only do we strive to make our estimates comprehensive, but we also make our foundation repair services affordable, accessible, and effective. Get in touch to learn more!

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